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  • USDA Hardiness Zone Map

    When used in combination with the AHS Heat Zone Map, your plants will thrive! Search by zip code or town.

    USDA Hardiness Zone Map

    Search by Zip Code, Decades of Data

    In January 2012, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released an updated version of their Plant Hardiness Zone Map, which you can search by zip code.

    Oregon State University’s PRISM Climate Group used sophisticated mapping technology and 30 years of meteorological data to create this new web-friendly version. First published in 1960 and updated in 1990, this map is designed to help gardeners and growers determine which plants will "winter over" in their hardiness zone.

    Because heat is also an important factor in determining which plants will survive in a given region, the American Horticultural Society developed the Plant Heat Zone Map to provide guidelines for the other end of the temperature spectrum.

    If you live in a county with varied microclimates due to changing terrain, consult with your local Master Gardeners for their knowledge of microclimate zones.