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    The Reciprocal Admissions Program (RAP) includes over 320 participating gardens, arboreta, and other cultural sites across North America, located in 48 states, Canada, and the Caribbean. The following sites are new to the program this year.

    New RAP Gardens

    More to explore in 2019

    Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens in Savannah, Georgia

    The Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens is a 51-acre historic property with trees and farm buildings dating back to 1919 when it was acquired as a USDA Plant Introduction Station.  Today, the Gardens boast one of the most diverse collections of camellias, Louisiana irises and bamboo species.  Other gardens to enjoy include the White Garden, Woodland Shade Garden, Water Garden, Orchid House and many more.

    Greenwich Botanical Center in Cos Cob, Connecticut

    GBC is an oasis for environmental connection offering multi-generational enrichment, events and education.  Located within the Montgomery Pinetum, with greenhouses, learning garden, classrooms, pond, and magnificent collection of evergreens, woodland trails, wildflowers, peony garden, old stone structures, sculptures and a gift shop.

    Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona

    Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix is an authentic 3.5 acre Japanese Stroll Garden with tea garden and tea house. This tranquil and beautiful setting features more than 1,500 tons of hand-picked rock, stone footbridges, lanterns and more than 50 varieties of plants. As you stroll the path, you will enjoy flowing streams, a 12-foot waterfall, and a pond with over 300 colorful Koi fish.

    Lincoln Park Conservatory and Gardens in Chicago, Illinois

    Built between 1890 and 1895, the historic Lincoln Park Conservatory displays lush, exotic plants from around the world in four display houses – The Palm House, Orchid House, Fern Room, and Show House. Venture outside to visit the Formal Garden, Bates Fountain, the Von Schiller Monument, the Old English-style Grandmother’s Garden, and the Shakespeare Monument.

    Maui Nui Botanical Garden in Kahului, Hawaii

    Maui Nui Botanical Gardens (MNBG) is dedicated to the protection of Maui Nui’s rich native plants and cultural heritage. By collecting, cultivating, and distributing native and Polynesian-introduced plants MNBG provides people with a gathering place to see and understand the important relationship these plants have to our economic, social, and cultural livelihoods.

    New Britain Youth Museum & Hungerford Nature Center in Kensington, Connecticut

    The Youth Museum is a fun, interactive space that offers programs on culture and arts for children and young adults.  The Hungerford Park Nature Center in Kensington is home to many domestic animals and native wild birds. There is a farm-yard, indoor exhibits, walking trails, and a picnic and play area.

    Sawtooth Botanical Garden in Ketchum, Idaho

    The Sawtooth Botanical Garden has something for everyone in the many gardens and spaces that comprise our grounds.  Whether you are looking for inspiration for your own garden, want to relax surrounded by the beauty of native plants, or see what’s being taught in the educational beds, there is a space for you to enjoy.

    Wichita Art Museum and Art Garden in Wichita, Kansas

    With a terrain that reflects the place and plantings of Kansas, the Art Garden offers unique areas for peaceful retreat as well as animated gatherings. Lush plantings--more than 100 new trees, nearly 600 shrubs, and more than 20,000 perennials and grasses--with 13 outdoor sculptures gracing the garden meld art and nature, urban leisure, and aesthetic enjoyment.


    To find out about the specific benefits that each of these sites offers to AHS members and members of other RAP sites, see the state-by-state online directory. To learn more about how RAP works, read these guidelines.