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  • Visitor Tips

    Welcome to River Farm, a 25-acre property maintained by the non-profit American Horticultural Society. Come experience the wonders of nature through our gardens. We ask that you follow a few guidelines to ensure everyone's enjoyment of this special place.

    Visitor Tips

    Garden Guidelines

    Please do...

    • Walk on paths or the grass.
    • Bike in and leave bicycles in the rack by the parking lot.
    • Bring a picnic - we have several picnic tables or you can spread a blanket on the lawn.
    • Take your trash with you or leave it in our parking lot dumpster.
    • Take photographs or do sketching for your own personal use and entertainment.
    • Supervise your children at all times to ensure they follow our guidelines.
    • Keep pets leashed and always pick up after them.
    • Visit our Garden Shop for garden books and tools, children's gardening supplies, and crafts from local artists. AHS members receive a 10% discount.
    • View botanically themed exhibitions by local artists in our Manor House.
    • Drop cash or checks in our Donation Boxes to help us keep the gardens well maintained and open to all.
    • Hold a celebration or meeting here once you have made arrangements with us

    Please don't...

    • Bring balls, kites, or sporting equipment to River Farm. Plants often get damaged when these go astray, so please save them for the many parks in our area.
    • Take commercial photographs without a permit from us.
    • Create commercial paintings or drawings without a permit from us. 
    • Smoke.
    • Climb trees, pick flowers, or remove any plants.
    • Allow pets to damage any plants, or leave pets unattended anywhere at River Farm.