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    Join us for a special community forum event Thursday, July 12 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

    Community Forum

    The Garden as Haven: Finding Resilience and Renewal in Turbulent Times

    AHS invites all National Children & Youth Garden Symposium attendees to a special community forum on the role of gardens as havens; places to find renewal and respite and build community resilience, especially in turbulent times.  With increasing frequency, outside stressors– extreme weather events, gun violence, poor water quality, or myriad other challenges –are entering youth learning environments across the nation, making mental health a critical priority for educators, students, and families.  This forum will be an opportunity for candid and thoughtful conversation about the changing realities of the educational environment and the ways garden spaces can be used not only to teach, but to lower stress, develop a sense of optimism, and build a more resilient community.  Special guests include Marcia Guenzler-Stevens, University of Maryland, Director of Student Affairs; Kyle Jeter, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School teacher; and Greg Eells, Cornell University, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services. This event is free and open to all thanks to the support of a generous donor.