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    The Green Garage® is a sustainable gardening educational display. We need $15,000 to complete the rejuvenation of the Green Garage® area.

    Green Garage®

    The Green Garage® at River Farm

    American gardeners have many opportunities to make environmentally conscious decisions. The Green Garage® is an educational display at River Farm to showcase the tools, equipment, materials, and techniques that support sustainable gardening. The goal of the Green Garage® is to encourage gardeners to take a leading role as stewards of the earth by helping them make well-informed, responsible decisions about how they garden.

    Watch the progress of the newly replanted garden here, and please help us improve this educational garden display by donating today

    We need $15,000 to complete the rejuvenation of this garden area. $10,000 will go to replacing the living, plant-covered roof on the Green Garage®. We need funding to: purchase more plants, complete additional structural repairs to the garage building, add more demonstration props, and update educational materials.

    The Green Garage® is a realistic teaching tool for gardeners of all ages. 

    Tips from the Green Garage®

    • Be a green consumer
    • Use water efficiently
    • Select the right tool for every job
    • Recycle and minimize yard and kitchen waste
    • Practice Integrated Pest Management [IPM]
    • Take good care of your soil
    • Design an earth-friendly garden with size-appropriate plants
    • Protect yourself and the environment
    • Be an informed gardener and keep records
    • Be part of a green community